Amber Heard against Johnny Depp

30 July, 2022 by Andyy

Amber Heard ended her statement on Tuesday following interrogation from Johnny Depp's lawyers. Just recently, Heard was questioned by Depp's attorneys on why the star wasn't seeking out at her during her testament and also on her last day on stand, the actress replied to the very same declaring that Depp wasn't looking at her since he was "existing.".

Knows he's 'lying': I survived that man and I'm able to look at him.

After Heard was wondered about by her attorney regarding why she stated that Depp had actually been incapable to look at her throughout their UK test and also during this test, she stated, "He's guilty. It was previously informed by Depp's attorneys to the court that Depp was maintaining his guarantee.

According to the audio played in court, Depp told Heard that "you will certainly not see my eyes once more" during a conversation in a San Francisco hotel area in 2016, the year of their split.

Previously in the testament, Heard additionally admitted that she had actually not given away the guaranteed sum from the divorce settlement to the charities that she had actually pledged to.

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